Aaron Hoffmann

Brand and UX/UI Designer.
Offices in Minneapolis and Sapporo, Japan.


What I do

Big Ideas

Design. Brand. Campaign. Direction. Graphic. Production. All covered.


Wireframes. Prototypes. Responsive Design. Assets. Leadership. Yes to all.


HTML. CSS. Markup. Hand coding. WYSIWYG. At your fingertips.

Where it's done

My place or yours. No design equipment on hand? No problem.

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Who I've done it for

Reputation is everything.

  • Some of the best gift card designs I’ve seen. Very inventive and unique. Wow. GREAT JOB!

    You’re a marvel! Thanks Aaron!

    Sheree Flory, Creative Director
  • Our creative presentation went exceptionally well. They loved everything! Each concept, beautifully rendered by Aaron was accompanied by a theme, an intro paragraph and a copy block. A great job. It goes without saying, we couldn’t have done it without you!

    Judy Kirk, Copy Chief
  • The great thing about Aaron is that even with limited time, his contribution can make a big difference.

    Manny Palomo, Group Creative Director
  • We had a ton of last minute buyer requests and a few internal challenges, but Aaron handled it all. The final product looks great!

    Tim Gogolin, Account Executive
  • When you get the right combination, it just works! Aaron Hoffmann is one outstanding designer that I enjoy working with.

    It’s amazing how smoothly things are going because he understands his job, completes his work accurately, communicates well and overall, is easy to work with. He has great ideas, a great attitude, and possess the skills, backed up by the motivation, to deliver outstanding work.

    Thank you, Aaron, for making my job enjoyable!

    Laura D’Andrea, Creative Director
  • Aaron is incredibly skilled as a designer and illustrator. He excels not only in bringing the brand experience to life in the digital and web landscape, but he also is well-versed in print and advertising. He is an observant, articulate, kind person, who cares deeply about his team, and the world as a whole. He is intrinsically driven to pursue lifelong-learning and be an early adopter of new technologies. He is always willing to teach out new information/technology/software/styles and continues to be a great resource to me in this regard. I would absolutely recommend Aaron as a Designer and if the opportunity arises, work with him again.

    Jess Dahl, Senior Designer